what was the primary railroad company in new mexico?

Newsletters Following World War I the price of copper plummeted forcing mines to close. [21], James Douglas, a representative and co-owner of the growing Phelps Dodge mining corporation who was also the owner of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad (EP&SW), entered negotiations with Eddy over the sale of the NMRy&CCo, the holding company for Eddy's rail and coal properties in the territory and Texas. These advertisements had a profound influence on popular perceptions of the American West, worldwide. More than 110 hand-colored photographs are reproduced in this stunning book, along with a gallery of advertising art and original paintings in full color, two maps, and a selection of archival black-and-white photographs. The A&SM carried the lumber company's logs to its sawmill in Alamogordo for processing. The location of the AT&SF main yards in Albuquerque was a major reason for the city's growth -- at one point between a third and a half of Albuquerque's working men were employed with the Yards. Founded by Charles Eddy, the EP&NE was the primary railroad in a system organized under the New Mexico Railway and Coal Company (NMRy&CCo), a holding company which owned several other railroads and also owned mining and industrial properties served by the lines. Construction began in September 1888 with loans from local entrepreneurs and some word of financial commitment from interests in the American Northeast. With period and recent photos of facilities and equipment. [8] The town was named Alamogordo after a location Eddy was familiar with in the Pecos River Valley. The steel, steam, and dreams of a century of railroading in New Mexico are captured in 200 photographs and a crisp text. The project is on a 2,200 acre site with 27 buildings which support functions from administration to fueling to water treatment. [1] An interested railroad promoter, Morris Locke, noted that the forests of the Sacramento Mountains would be a good source of timber. The SOO Line Railroad (reporting mark SOO) is the primary United States railroad subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), controlled through the Soo Line Corporation, and one of seven U.S. Class I railroads. Railroads were also important in developing tourism in New Mexico, with beautiful advertisements offering the accommodations of Fred Harvey's Houses and the grandeur of the scenery accessible via the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (which, curiously enough, did not directly service Santa Fe, only coming as close as Lamy.) Now, some 75 years later, the visual record of these early sales promotions forms an extraordinary document of Indian life and the spectacular Arizona/New Mexico desert along with views of California. Groff Lumber Company Inc 7902 4th St NW , Los Ranchos, NM 87114 Rail Runner South Capitol 1301 Alta Vista St , Santa Fe, NM 87505 Pete's Landscaping Materials LLC 5200 Modesto Ave. NE , Albuquerque, NM 87113 Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad 500 Terrace Ave , Our highly-trained employees and specialized equipment can handle any job – big or small. [14] With an operational railroad in place extending north-by-northeast from El Paso, Eddy was able to better gain the attentions of the CRI&P leadership. [3], The first serious attempt to build a railroad north from El Paso and into the Tularosa Basin came in 1885 when the El Paso, St. Louis and Chicago Railway and Telegraph Company prepared a 5-mile (8.0 km) long roadbed. - from the book jacket. News This railroad, built in the 1880’s, runs the 64 miles between Chama, New Mexico and Antonito, Colorado over gorgeous mountainous terrain, thru tunnels and on high narrow trestles as a tourist attraction for both states. Eddy had gained an interest in the prospective region after working on engineering projects in southeastern New Mexico. All Aboard for Santa Fe is a comprehensive study of AT&SF's early involvement in the establishment of western tourism and the mystique of Santa Fe. [12] The logs harvested in the mountains provided the Alamogordo Lumber Company (owned by the NMRy&CCo) with many of the raw materials necessary to make the ties, poles and structures for the EP&NE's northward expansion. Suggest a Purchase In 1899 the EP&NE opened a 21 mi (34 km) extension from Carrizozo to Capitan. - Leading Facts of New Mexico History, Vol. Soon hordes of pretty, crisply dressed "Harvey Girls" were serving thousands of new and enthusiastic tourists. The trackage continues to be operated today by the BNSF Railway, corporate successor to the GN. The organization is liable for any difference between the tax due for all of its cars and the sum of withheld taxes remitted by one or more railroad … Styled the Southwest Pacific Railroad, the new company built only twelve miles of track to the Gasconade River before defaulting, leading to another seizure and sale by the state and formation of the South Pacific Railroad in 1868. The new railroads owned by WTS will be the Texas and New Mexico Railway, which will take over operations of the rail line currently operated by TNMR, … Map showing the location of the road and the land grant of the Atlantic and Pacific R.R. The primary purpose of the TNMR was to serve the oil fields in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Over the course of one month in 1901 the A&SM handled 850 log cars. 9. [22] Eddy was able to convince Phelps Dodge that Dawson coal was better for coking than the coal Phelps Dodge was interested in extracting from northwestern New Mexico so on July 1, 1905 Eddy's properties were transferred to Phelps Dodge, the rail line from El Paso to Dawson becoming the Eastern Division of the EP&SW. To accommodate travelers, the railroad set up deluxe guided tours and went into business with the Fred Harvey Company. [2] When another group of men sought the necessary franchise from the El Paso city council, Eddy intervened and won the franchise because of the rival group's inability to pay a performance bond. [2] The first section of the Dawson Railway opened in November 1902 and linked the interchange with the AT&SF's transcontinental line to the coal mines, sawmills and coke ovens being built near the future townsite of Dawson, New Mexico. When a line connecting to lucrative coalfields was secured, the holding company and its system were folded into the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad, an affiliate of the predecessor of the Phelps Dodge Corporation. By late 1944, freight traffic had dwindled to a single round trip weekly, also due to highway traffic. Friends of the Public Library The company's filing status is listed as Existence Expired and its File Number is 20602. The railway also made it easy for thousands of tuberculosis patients to travel to New Mexico in search of a more salutary climate, another reason for a surge in Albuquerque's population and growth across the state as some of the "lungers" became residents. Although the founders continued to solicit funding, in 1892 the Texas and Pacific purchased the stalled KCEP&M. hoopla The A&NM connected to the EP&SW at Hachita, New Mexico reaching as far north as Clifton. Interestingly, the EP&SW nevertheless continued to grow when it took over the Arizona & New Mexico Railroad on January 1, 1922. Compiled from articles previously published in >New Mexico magazine from 1964-1980. Two daily roundtrips, one a mixed train, were common, though this frequency could increase more than twofold on Summer weekends.[2]. Year round passenger service was provided by the westbound Chicago and Mexico Express and the eastbound Chicago Express. "While in Santa Fe we lived in the old adobe La Fonda tavern, 'The End of the Trail.' The Golden Age of railroading in the beginning of the twentieth century was a time of gleaming steam locomotives chuffing up mountain grades, observation cars with open platforms ferrying politicians on whistle-stop campaigns, dome cars with picture windows gliding through spectacular scenic vistas, and luxurious Pullman cars with mahogany woodwork, chandeliers, and sumptuous meals served on silver by candlelight. OverDrive From a bygone era of narrow-gauge lines to today's Amtrak service, this book covers both the short lines and the branches feeding to main lines of major railroad systems. The disappearance of the magnificent herds of buffalo went hand in hand with the fate of the native Indian. - from the book jacket. [15] It was agreed in December 1900 that Eddy's railroad was to meet the CRI&P in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. My Account. Ironically, however, the EP&SW saw an addition during this time when it took over the Arizona & New Mexico Railroad on January 1, 1922 which was sold by parent Arizona Copper Company feeling the affects of the metal's decline. As a primary source of traffic, this setup deeply hurt the railroad. [11] Described as an "engineering marvel",[10] 28 mi (45 km) were completed by 1898. [6] In May 1897 on the other side of the country in New Jersey the New Mexico Railway and Coal Company was incorporated, it would become the holding company for Eddy and his group's vertically integrated interests. [8], Not long after connecting Alamogordo to El Paso, Eddy, his chief engineer Horace Sumner and their crews set about building the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway (A&SM). Precision. Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company (D&RGW), byname Rio Grande, former American railroad chartered in 1870 as the Denver and Rio Grande Railway (D&RG). A link with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (CRI&P) allowed for the introduction of the Golden State Limited in 1902. This rail bridge is situated near Culiacan Junction on the west coast of Mexico. [4], Eddy had been in contact with the leadership of the CRI&P but had been unsuccessful in his pitch to connect their railroad to El Paso. [20] Work on the Dawson Railway began at a crossing of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (AT&SF) at French (near present-day Springer). In 1982, the MP was, in turn, merged into the Union Pacific Railroad (UP). Features 224 full-color pages, as well as historical notes on America's most famous passenger trains railroads. [5] The El Paso and Rock Island Railway (EP&RI) was incorporated in 1900 by Eddy to build the remaining 128 mi (206 km) between Santa Rosa and Carrizozo. Eddy received financial backing from these men but he did immediately not make any major announcements, file for incorporation in the territory or apply for the El Paso–White Oaks railway franchise. History, effect, and current status of railroads, railways, and trains in New Mexico, Fred Harvey, the Harvey Houses, and the Harvey Girls, "Private Varnish" - Travel on Private Train Cars, Railroads and Railroad Towns in New Mexico, Ree Sheck (Editor), compiled and revised by William Clark, The Train Stops Here: New Mexico's Railway Legacy, Classic Railroad Advertising : Riding the Rails Again, Dream Tracks : the railroad and the American Indian 1890-1930, by T.C. The company wielded tremendous power in New Mexico, and soon made tourism an important facet of its financial enterprise. The railroad company must pay the amount withheld in the previous year to the Department on or before March 1 each year. The company wielded tremendous power in New Mexico, and soon made tourism an important facet of its financial enterprise. eResources and Databases Active and abandoned rail lines in the Land of Enchantment. Special Collections, Upcoming Events [9] It would become the main New Mexican town on the EP&NE in only a matter of a few years. Services & Programs [23][2][24]:309, 312[25]:134–135 The A&SM continued to operate for some time as a subsidiary of the EP&SW. Get directions, reviews and information for BNSF Railway in Albuquerque, NM. Just a few days after the first excursion trains operated on the new line, lawsuits were filed in court seeking restitution for the Texas and Pacific Railway, the unpaid shipper of the KCEP&M's construction materials. By the late 1800s, the major mode of transportation for travelers to the Southwest was by rail. The TP was under financial control of the Missouri Pacific Railway (MP) beginning in 1928. The railroad is a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Company of USA, and controls 1,355 miles of 4 ft 8½-in. [6], Using part of the KCEP&M's grade, which Eddy had purchased in full, the EP&NE completed an 85-mile (137 km) line north to a ranch owned by Eddy, where a town was being platted in anticipation of the railroad. Browse All, About Us But the railroad commissioned painters and photographers to present this remote region in a picturesque fashion, capitalizing on the dramatic scenery and idealizing the Indian. The two main railway operators in New Mexico are BNSF and Union Pacific. Classic Catalog [27] The EP&SW continued to encourage tourism on the A&SM line describing Cloudcroft as the "Roof Garden of the Sky" or "Nature's Roof Garden" and building its own hotel, the Lodge. [4] In 1888 CRI&P engineers began an eastward survey from Liberal, Kansas that projected never built lines through the Maxwell Land Grant to Taos, New Mexico and further west. RBdigital Magazines The railroad founders were also eager to found a major town that would persist after the railroad was completed; they formed the Alamogordo Improvement Company to develop the area,[31] making Alamogordo an early example of a planned community. In the vast expanse of territorial New Mexico, railroads had a striking impact. From the outside world it provided improved connections to rich timber country, and later the resort at Cloudcroft—in addition to small communities like La Luz and Russia. Click through to see items in the catalog on these subjects: New Mexico Historic Preservation Division, of the New Mexico Dept. Featured Item Lists To begin the examination, Riskin includes a brief history of railroad development in New Mexico, a description of the architectural features of the state's railroad buildings, and an overview of how railroads work. Atlantic And Pacific Railroad Company. (A growth that might have been Bernalillo's, originally slated as the site but passed up after a disagreement about the availability of land there.) "The advent of the railroads in New Mexico was the beginning of an era of permanent prosperity for the people of the territory. [2], The Alamogordo Lumber Company was NMRy&CCo's logging enterprise and owned the logging railways, short spurs and branches, that first harvested the territory's trust land in the Sacramento Mountains. Even after their decline, with the rise of the highway and the passenger jet, western railroads continue today to grow and change. In 1999, RT merged with … [32] Through Eddy's Dawson Fuel Company, the NMRy&CCo helped spur the early development of Dawson, which is now deserted, in the form of one-hundred dwellings for its workers, in addition to industrial facilities. McLuhan ; with photographs from the William E. Kopplin collection, Jemez Mountains railroads : Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico, Notable Dates in New Mexico's Railroad History, Railroads That Have Operated In New Mexico, The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation. Title New map of the Union Pacific Railway, the short, quick and safe line to all points west. Passenger traffic on the Cloudcroft branch ceased in March 1937, having been overtaken by automobiles on improved highways. The great railroad-building era in New Mexico ended with World War I, when eleven common carriers operated 3,000 miles of track. The subsequent history of New Mexico railroads is one of persistent struggle, slow eclipse, and corporate consolidation. Railroads have an important place in New Mexico's history. 501 Copper Ave NWAlbuquerque, NM 87102(505)768-5141 [10] Alamogordo remained the operational base of the EP&NE system for much of its history. Construction of the southern section of the Dawson Railway, from a bridge over the AT&SF line to a junction at Six Shooter Siding (later Tucumcari, located 60 mi (97 km) east-by-northeast of Santa Rosa) with the CRI&P was held up due to litigation with the owners of the Pablo Montoya Grant over the proposed right-of-way. The lines of the NMRy&CCo were responsible for the founding of several settlements in the Territory of New Mexico (later New Mexico). From Santa Fe's Super Chief, the first diesel-powered, all Pullman streamliner, to Great Northern's Empire Builder, with exposed beams and seats covered in pinto leather, to Union Pacific's freight-carrying Big Boys, the trains of the West have been the stuff of dreams. [2] Over the next fifteen years several railroads were projected to link the two settlements but only limited construction had been pursued by the time Charles Eddy developed an interest in linking El Paso with the CRI&P. Architect Marci Riskin explores the history of railroad depots and other structures--everything but the trains themselves--that make up New Mexico's railway legacy. It began with a narrow-gauge line extending from Denver, Colorado, south to New Mexico and west to Salt Lake City, Utah. Conversion to standard-gauge track began in 1888. History of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe railway system -- How the AT&SF marketed Santa Fe into the early 1920s -- The promotion of Santa Fe by the Harvey Company and the AT&SF into the 1930s -- Promoting Santa Fe the AT&SF way, then and now -- The town down the tracks : Santa Fe's rival, Albuquerque -- The AT&SF's lingering effects on tourism in modern day Santa Fe. [26]:134–135 Since the line's opening, Summer excursion trains were operated into the Sacramento Mountains east of Alamogordo via the A&SM from El Paso, and under new ownership as late as 1930. The transportation of cattle, including the hardy Texas Longhorn, to rich eastern markets contributed to the rise of the cowboy. THE CULIACAN RIVER BRIDGE, built by the Southern Pacific Railroad of Mexico. [2] Eddy was still determined to link his railroad system to a mineral rich area so he hedged, on the advice of his trusted attorney William Ashton Hawkins, that the outcome of litigation about the ownership of part of the Maxwell Land Grant in northeastern New Mexico would favor the current tenant, an elderly rancher named John Dawson, and Hawkins secured the eventual purchase of a parcel of the contested land grant from him. Gardiner was the second coal-mining town, after Blossburg, established in Dillon Canyon on what is now the vast Vermejo Park Ranch in northeast New Mexico.It was located about three miles southwest of Raton, New Mexico. This is a railroad lover's book. UP sold the TNMR to shortline operator RailTex (RT) in 1989. The railroads were a crucial element in the development of the Wild West, as they snaked their way across vast prairies, deserts and cavernous canyons, over rushing rivers and the formidable Rocky and Sierra Nevada Mountains, and through virgin forests. In 1878, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company (AT&SF) became the first railroad to enter New Mexico, and by the late 1890s it controlled more than half of the track-miles in the Territory. Meeting Rooms Train travel comes to life in ads featuring scenic panoramas and locomotives pulling long strings of streamlined cars. The company's filing status is listed as Voluntary Dissolution and its File Number is 18069. [28] The same features that gave the line into the Sacramento Mountains its scenic virtue and tourist draw also made it expensive to build, operate and maintain; by necessity and design hauling timber was the primary activity on the line. Founded by Charles Eddy, the EP&NE was the primary railroad in a system organized under the New Mexico Railway and Coal Company (NMRy&CCo), a holding company which owned several other railroads and also owned mining and industrial properties served by the lines. Gizmo Garages State Supreme Court hearing case regarding possible release of prison inmates during COVID-19 AT&SF also joined forces with the Fred Harvey Company, owner of numerous hotels and restaurants along the rail line, to promote Santa Fe. I also thought how different they would be from the 'Tales of a Wayside Inn' as recounted to us in rhyme by Longfellow. Today, AZER also includes a 70-mile line between Clifton, Arizona, and Lordsburg, New Mexico, that connects to the original Bowie line via trackage rights. "[10], The coal deposits near White Oaks proved to be a disappointment. 480. of Cultural Affairs, New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society, National Railway Historical Society website, The development of the American Southwest. These articles provide the color and the character of the effect of the railroads upon New Mexico, and discusses the colorful characters associated with out Territorial past. The company marketed the healthful benefits of the area's dry desert air, a strong selling point for eastern city-dwelling tuberculosis sufferers. The Alamogordo Improvement Company owned all the land, platted the streets, built the first houses and commercial buildings, donated land for a college, and placed a restrictive covenant on each deed prohibiting the manufacture, distribution, or sale of intoxicating liquor. Union Pacific operates North America's premier railroad franchise, covering 23 states in the western two-thirds of the United States. The wonderful rapidity with which the great trans-continental transportation lines were constructed was not less marvelous than the astonishing awakening of the people to the fact that at last New Mexico was really in touch with the enlightened progress and modern methods of the people of the eastern states." About & Help! Summary County map of the United States showing relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, and the railroad network with emphasis on the main line. library@cabq.gov, InterLibrary Loan (ILL) The northern New Mexico coal mining and coking company was organized by Henry and Hugo Koehler of St. Louis, Missouri. [36], Sale to the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad and Phelps Dodge, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=El_Paso_and_Northeastern_Railway&oldid=991072762, Predecessors of the Southern Pacific Transportation Company, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 03:09. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, . Experimenting, merging, using innovative technology and computerized systems, these railroads survive and prosper as a testament to the spirit of the West. [21] A second construction gang worked north from Tucumcari. While the best consumers for the mill's output were the NMRy&CCo's interests, lumber was also shipped out on the EP&NE destined for other markets, especially the mining districts at Bisbee and Morenci, Arizona. Tice, as a young man, helped survey the route of one of the first railroads through New Mexico and went on to work for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway system for more than fifty years. Quality. [16] This effort was completed on February 1, 1902 when the EP&RI met the CRI&P, operating under the name Chicago, Rock Island and El Paso Railway while in New Mexico. II, pg. This background will help answer questions that may arise on a visit to a rail-yard: What is that strangely shaped train car carrying? Library Advisory Board The El Paso and Southwestern Railroad was a short-line American railway company which operated in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, with line extensions across the international border into Mexico.The railroad was known as the Arizona and South Eastern Railroad from 1888 to 1902. Naxos Music The Cumbres & Toltec Railroad was named the New Mexico’s official State Train in 2005. Improved access to Eastern goods had an effect upon not only daily lifestyles but also New Mexican architecture; the ready availability of fired bricks and roofing tin sparked a wave of "Eastern-style" construction in contrast to the utilitarian structures allowed by local materials. By November 1897 the railroad's first line's route had been determined and orders for supplies were being placed. [26]:134–135 The A&SM itself became a tourist attraction. [N.P, 1883] Map. The Albuquerque Public Library Foundation. In 1976, the MP completely merged the TP. [19] The approximately 20,000-acre (81 km2; 31 sq mi) parcel was rich in bituminous coal, and Eddy co-founded the Dawson Fuel Company in 1901 to buy and mine the parcel. Earlier that year, the company had bought out the Raton Coal & Coke Company which was owned by the Maxwell Land Grant Company and the Santa Fe Railway, with each having one-half … [33] All of these Chicago–Los Angeles trains used the EP&NE system as an intermediate link between the CRI&P at Santa Rosa and the Southern Pacific Railroad in El Paso. This book is an overview of these long-gone railroads and the towns that once existed along them. Computer & Technology Classes - from the book jacket. CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) — A Marshall, Texas man has died in a possible industrial accident while performing an inspection on a railroad tank car in southeastern New Mexico, company … Why are the bricks on the platform stamped with the single word Coffeyville? (Enchantment State?) This page describes New Mexico railroads currently in OSM. The new owners did not resume construction. Some earlier prospecting and individual selling of coal took place in the area before the official “initial discovery” in 1881. New Mexico Central Railroad: Arizona and Colorado Railroad: SP: 1904 1910 Arizona Eastern Railroad: Arizona Eastern Railroad: SP: 1904 1955 Southern Pacific Company: Arizona and New Mexico Railway: SP: 1883 1935 El Paso and Southwestern Railroad: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad: ATSF: 1878 1895 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway

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