Roy Harrell

Roy Harrell, CEO

Roy began his career as a high school teacher in the Midwest and then accepted an opportunity with a Fortune 300 company (Ecolab) in marketing, sales and corporate training. After nearly 20 years of customer service and care as a supplier to the food processing industry, he decided to join Community Corrections Corporation (CCC) in 1996 as their Director of Marketing/ Training. He facilitated groups for behavioral changes and transitioned new Court operations in 16 State and Superior Courts and more than 20 Municipal, Magistrate and Probate Courts throughout the state.  Roy opened new operational facilities in three other states: Alabama, Tennessee and Florida.  He played a major role in making the satisfactory transition from CCC to Behavioral Interventions (BI) to, eventually, MAXIMUS. He is looking forward to serving your Court with a company dedicated to making the Court the highest priority.

Embracement of change and a very positive mental philosophy enhances his leadership style.  Roy has been guest speaker at many judicial conferences, prosecuting attorney conferences and criminal justice forums on alternative sentencing practices and new developments in the supervision of misdemeanor offenders. He and his wife of 28 years live in Henry County and rescue displaced/abandoned/injured animals in their spare time.

He has been selected as a “Businessman of the Year” by the Business Advisory Council- for the last two consecutive years -cited as an influential community leader (Wall Street Journal 1/25/06). In September of 2006 and 2007 he was chosen as a Congressional Medal of Distinction winner. He was selected, in part, due to his philosophy on customer service, client satisfaction, dedication to mentoring others, and adherence to business ideals. He has served as Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council for the last several years.

“In my experience, a long-tenured, highly trained professional probation staff whose sole focus is a small geographical area is the key ingredient for a highly effective probation program that truly makes a difference in the service received by our Courts and the supervision received by our probation clients.”

“As I watched the private probation business grow in Georgia, it became clear to me the large corporate owners were not servicing their customers very well.  Decisions were made by financially driven individuals in out-of-state companies that directly affected the well being of probation employees; dictating to them unrealistic profit and growth expectations; and always holding the pending threat of ‘reduction in force’ or simple layoffs when these were not achieved.  Johnny and I understand the human side of the business.  We care about our Courts, our judges and court staff, our employees and the clients we supervise.  We make the decisions, we stand by our company and we invite you to join us.”