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With the day already drifting into the afternoon, I needed something that was local, reasonably quick, and wouldn't require any additional research on my part. No Place For A Friend 90 m, 5.9 R. Baillie & M. Toft, June 1983 This route climbs the left side of the buttress, passing a prominent treed ledge at just over half height. Grotto Mountain is just outside of Canmore, Alberta, with it’s trail head starting right by the Alpine club. Great site I have a few questions about this one. Up direct route, down ACC route. No rappel is necessary. Start an unrelenting steep ascent here and stay on the edge of this ridge (canyon to your left). The second one was the Horseshoe Traverse, which continues horizontally all the way to Cougar Creek. When I was back to the correct ascent rib, it was almost 11 o’clock. ACC had women breaking trails. Given its sheer size, its accessibility in Canmore's backyard, and being mostly a trail hike, it's no wonder Grotto Mountain attracts many hikers. Starting at the Alpine Club of Canada site, the trail begins on an undemanding grade but eventually becomes quite steep. I retraced my footprints once entering the woods and I couldn’t believe I made the trail all the way to the treeline. We went the ACC route so I can’t speak to what the scrambling portion is like on the loop. August 24, 2013 3125m Kananaskis – Smith Dorrien Valley, AB Located on the west side of Spray Lake, the unofficially named Old Goat Mountain is the highest in Goat Range sees few visitors unlike its neighbour, Mt. And although I posted the direct route, I thought I should add the easiest route, the ACC (Alpine Club of Canada) route. Keep climbing and keep writing! The ACC route allows us to bag the false summit and traverse the ridge to the main summit (conditions permitting). There were two trails that could ruin your day. I took a few photos and then quickly returned to join Dinah. Dinah stopped before the short cliff band, After regaining the ridge it's a walk to the summit, 230 m before the summit there's a small window, The trail runs to the summit while avoiding the cliff bands, Dinah took this shot of me on the ridge while a few hikers appear on the summit, I was reaching into my pack when Dinah took a photo of me on the summit, One of the girls on top was kind enough to take this photo. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Moreover, it enjoys a long climbing season. Change ). Grotto Mountain is just outside of Canmore, Alberta, with it’s trail head starting right by the Alpine club. Very enjoyable to read. ( Log Out /  This is the most direct route up to the summit of Grotto Mountain, albeit a steep plod. I didn’t stay on the ridge during ascending, instead I traversed around several false summits on west slope which actually led to more interesting terrain. From Calgary take the Trans-Canada Highway to Canmore. As you can see, it was pretty dry in the alpine. There are five routes I have called them #1 A.C.C. I checked the register, and the last ascent was done on Dec. 27th, so I’m the first one successfully ascended Grotto Mountain in 2012. But it wasn’t too dark by the time I made back to parking lot. It features steep Grotto Mountain - ACC Route | Kananaskis Trails. Hi Steve. Can you reply back? True summit is on right. As you can see, Grotto Mountain is a big one. The official trailhead is 100 m up the road, but there's a flagged shortcut behind the dumpster. Grotto Mountain standard scramble route. Hey Steve! Two cars or a bike are needed. The best views of Canmore and of the Three Sisters from across the valley! Grotto Mountain (D irect R oute) Kananaskis, Alberta March 13, 2004 Grotto Mountain provides a good workout in early season when other peaks are still snowbound. Summit view looking towards Lac des Arcs area. The second one was the Horseshoe Traverse, which continues horizontally all the way to Cougar Creek. Most popular is ACC route starting from ACC clubhouse; more direct and recommended for peakbaggers is "Big Gully" route that branches off ACC route about 15-20 minutes past trailhead. Presented here is most scenic and relatively unknown option that starts from Cougar creek trailhead (same as for Lady MacDonald) and climbs semi-forested "Cougar ridge" gently rising at west flanks of the mountain. Due to the lack of snow on upper section, the rest was just like a late season scramble (although still a long way to the summit). There is still a decent amount up high.  |  Home  |  Canada Trips  |  USA Trips  |  Hiking  |  Snowshoeing |  MAP  |  About, Grotto Mountain (ACC Route) Left in the foreground is Cougar Peak. View of Grotto Mountain from the parking area. Grotto Mountain - Canmore Grotto Mountain Scramble: Class 1 – Steep Hiking, Nice Ridge Walk Altitude: 2,706m (8,876 ft) Elevation Gain: 1,425m (4,674 ft) Ascent Time: 3 – 4 1/2 Hours Best Season to Scramble: Mid-May to October, relatively little snow on the Zooming-in towards Fairholme Range. Well documented in Andrew Nugara’s More Scrambles in Canadian Rockies, it is rated as difficult, loose, exposed and a “climber’s scramble”. At tree line, the trail narrows to the false summit. August 9th 2019. By the time I eventually reached the summit, it was 2:20 pm, which indicated I only had about 2 hours of daylight time. Nestor. Indeed, even though Dinah and I have climbed Grotto a few times, it was always in winter conditions. Having reached the summit before, she didn't feel shortchanged. Distance: 12 km Elevation gain: 1560 m Route map With gorgeous weather in the mountains today we were looking for something big to hike, but many bigger objectives were still completely snowbound. 11.42 km, 1378 meter vertical, 5 hours 36 minutes. -----We will be going up Grotto using the ACC route. Calgary-based hiking, scrambling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing club. Abstract Tried to drive to Blackstone Gap but had to dig the truck out of the snow twice. The direct route involves several steep slab sections even below the treeline with a few cliff bands, so I decided to give it an attempt via ACC route, a longer but safer route. The trail then crosses over and briefly runs below the ridge on the left side before returning to the crest. Grotto Traverse is a very strenuous scramble from the Rats Nest Cave Parking to the summit is 1450m. It rockets straight up before easing into switchbacks. I’m not a climber, but this is a cool site! Another summit view, Bow Valley this time. We were partway along the ridge when Dinah was hit with vertigo; years ago a viral infection in her inner ear robbed her of her balance and she never fully recovered. Moreover, it enjoys a long climbing season. In these days, it seems like most people were hiking this trail instead of Grotto Mountain. (ford) (route finding required) Abraham Mountain Route Abraham Slabs Climber's trail Acephale Trail Alberta Rockies 700 Alexander Henry's Trail Allstones Creek Trail Allstones Lake Trail Alternate Route Amiskwi Pass to David Thompson Heritage Trail Amiskwi ( Log Out /  This way up is way more interesting than the ACC route. Note this elevation gain is almost the same as Cascade Mountain’s. Report on a Scramble trip Grotto Mtn via ACC clubhouse route on 2020-08-04 The party engaged in a lively discussion of local and world affairs while enjoying a leisurely hike and The decision was made to attempt Mt. Some bushwhacking was also involved and as I slowly gaining elevation the post-holing had become knee deep. We got lot's of great beta and photos. Hike / scramble up Grotto Mountain, by Canmore, on blustery day. The huge mass of Grotto Mountain towering above the Bow Valley has a route up the sloping west flank that is a laborious ascent to the northwest ridge on a twisting trail, followed by an interesting ridgewalk to the summit. Grotto - heavens Chinese: 洞天 pinyin: Dongtian are a type of sacred Taoist site. Given its sheer size, its accessibility in Canmore's backyard, and being mostly a trail hike, it's no wonder Grotto Mountain attracts many hikers. Fortune as a snowshoe ascent but I again, didn’t manage to wake up early enough, and the deteriorating weather forced me to turn around right after crossing the lake. ” It’s largely just a hike and starts a short distance below the ACC clubhouse in Canmore. On the other side of the creekbed, we turned left and followed it until it naturally went up to the right as we were getting closer to that huge cliff band surrounding the canyon. After leaving her, I easily downclimbed a two-metre cliff band, the only scrambling bit along the ridge. This route starts at the Alpine Club of Canada clubhouse and stays to the left of the large gully. Grotto Mountain (ACC Route) Kananaskis, Alberta. The first is how steep it is. The first one was the trail to the direct route, bigger and flagged. ( Log Out /  Now I was practically exhausted but since the Rockies is such a long drive from Edmonton I had to figure something else out to do for the next few days. More road detail to follow. The scramble section is merely a very steep hike and the few hands-on steps are all avoidable if staying on the ridge. But even here, there's a trail going to the top. This was my first scramble in 2012, done on my 19th birthday. There are two main scrambling routes: Northwest Variation - from the ACC clubhouse, ascends the northwest side of the mountain on a good hiking trail. From there, a lengthy trail runs up a scree slope to the rocky ridge. Everything looks small from here. I did all the trail-breaking by myself…. I went off-route here, and wasted about 20 minutes. On the way down, I stayed on the ridge all the way until the last false summit and this route proved to be both easier and more scenic. For us, a summer ascent here was a novelty. by [deleted] in Canmore Shredthegnar1369 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 months ago Ahhh. June 30, 2018. Looking back towards the summit form the descent, Retracing my steps down the forested slope. She had to sit down but urged me to continue without her. Elevation) : 2,706m - 산행높이 After going up a couple of gentle cliff bands, the path suddenly breaks out of the trees. June 30, 2018. However, the 1425 m elevation gain makes it a demanding ascent even in summer time. This was however the first time I’ve done the complete loop, ascending the ACC route, and descending the hard route. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. View Tyler's Recording Trevor Belsher reviewed Grotto Mountain Trail August 19, 2020 Hiking Great! There were two trails that could ruin your day. Too bad I went off-route again, and wasted about 1 hour here. This is the second time I’ve climbed this mountain (the first time was via the ACC route), and both times my calves were killing me on the way up. I was already exhausted now…, Going towards the first of many false summits. We also ascended Meda Mountain on this trip. Looking North towards Mount Lady MacDonald and Charles Stewart South. Grotto Mountain - ACC Route 10.6 km return 1381 m Canmore Area Middle Sister 17.2 km return 1414 m Canmore Area Mount Allan from the north 22.2 km return 1441 m Bow Valley Mount Collembola Traverse 22.1 km return 1685 m Bow Valley Mount There are three routes to the top of Grotto Mountain. It was my birthday, and a peak is a perfect b-day gift! The space is limited so guest will have first I could see flaggings here and there but I had to break my own trail. Kananaskis, Alberta After that I was very demotivated to drove home. She had recovered, so we headed back down. OK that is all the routes up Grotto that I know of completed. The sun was getting low. Second sign, right again (Grotto Mountain trail) loosing some more of elevation and reaching the creekbed. As I roamed the clubhouse looking at rusted crampons, ... deep below the surface of Grotto Mountain alpine caves twist and turn in an intestinal-like network that reaches far into the bowels of the Earth’s crust. Grotto Mountain wasn't particularly on my list of “must-dos” for this summer, but bad weather stretching from Saskatchewan River Crossing through Banff had sent me running eastward to Canmore. GPS Route: Grotto-Cougar_Creek There are a couple things that stand out about Grotto. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This was however the first time I’ve done the complete loop, ascending the ACC route, and descending the hard route. ( Log Out /  The one we chose is known as the “ACC route. Grotto Mountain – 423 Follow ledges down to the left. However, we'd noticed yesterday that while many mountains had received a few inches of fresh snow Friday night, Grotto Mountain outside Canmore had been largely spared and what had been there in … Beyond that, it's a straightforward ridgewalk to the base of the pointy summit. You can also see Mount Aylmer. Grotto Mountain is a mountain located in the Bow River valley, across from Canmore, Alberta, Canada.It is a popular hiking spot among locals and is home to the Rat's Nest Cave. Abstract An exploration to the valley South of Mount Balinhard in the hopes of finding a scramble route up Mount Balinhard. Route Description This is a 4500’+/- ascent day. On the first false summit. I've been up it a few times using both the ACC route and the direct route. Once above the treeline, I finally can relax a bit. Throughout the trip we encountered hikers on this popular route, so it was no surprise to run into people on the summit. On the skyline L to R: Mount Townsend, Epic Tower, Mythic Tower, and Little Mythic Tower. A few minutes into the run, a junction will have you branch off to the West Ridge route on Grotto Mountain. I had to take my ice axe out for a snow slope crossing. Unfortunately parking in any of the ACC lots wasn’t permitted, but we This was my 3rd time doing the hike, and 1st for my friend. "Goats of Grotto", as it is called by local runners, starts on the Horseshoe loop. Time to hurry up on the descent. Hopefully there would be people doing this mountain in the following several days, so they don’t need to do the massive trail breaking thing. Untitled 1 [Alberta/Bow Valley Provincial Park] Grotto Mountain - 2,706m // 2013년 6월 8일 토요일 * Easy to Moderate * GPS - 최고높이 (Max. Although I successfully summitted this mountain, I should say, I was neither physically nor mentally ready for this ascent. Check in with the folks at the ACC before parking in the Clubhouse parking lot. And like me, she enjoyed returning to Grotto Mountain after an absence of many years. Route #2 Right Side Edge of Cougar Creek #3 Direct Route #4 Grotto Buttress Route Rats Nest Cave #5 Cougar Creek Gully. The first one was the trail to the direct route, bigger and flagged. I went off-route here, and wasted about 20 minutes. And on top of that, after roughly 200 m elevation gain I completely lost the trail. Calgary-based hiking, scrambling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing club. Even though I tried to run down, I was forced to watch sunset on the mountain again. This was my 3rd time doing the hike, and 1st for my friend. There follow signs to The Alpine Club of Canada. A few minutes after starting out, we took a right fork that dips down before going back up, The trail dips briefly into a lush forest, After this, the trail begins a steep climb, The climb relaxes when switchbacks kick in, Above the treeline there's a long trail in scree. Grotto Mountain was not on my winter to-do-list originally, until I was ‘convinced’ by a local guy met in Grotto Canyon (who oddly enough, was Travelin’ Jones who I knew later)… He summitted this mountain in December via the “direct route”. The mountain was named for a grotto-like cave within it. Distance 10.6 km return, height gain 1381 m, very strenuous. Bow Valley from above treeline. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. "Did the Acc route so I could experience the amazing ridge walk twice, saw the rock window and mount Assinaboine, got caught in a T-storm on the way down the mountain, a bit scary, pelted with pea sized hail, soaked to the bone, sliding down mud trails Can someone send me a photo or 2 of Grotto Mountain showing the ACC and direct route and the peak?

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